The Books of the Unseen Things Series

Blog PostOrigins (Book #1)

When Jarrod Grant was fourteen years old, a portal burst open in his room, and from it a terrifying creature emerged. It grabbed his mother Alicia and his five year old brother Joseph and then vanished with them back into the portal from which it came, leaving Jarrod standing there terrified and alone.

Four years later, Jarrod is now a senior in high school, and no one ever believed his story. The therapists all said that he’d deluded himself into believing it because he couldn’t deal with whatever horrific events had caused the disappearance of his family, and at school he was turned into an outcast because of the stories he’d told the authorities.

That all changed when he met Tina and Sarah. They were the first ones who ever believed his story, and the pair made it their mission to help him find the answers he so desperately needed.

They’re joined along the way by a new friend named Derek, who has a tragic past of his own, and a woman named Patricia who knows things that only a very few others in the world could even dream of. Together they’ll discover the truth of what happened to Jarrod’s family on that fateful night, and it’s a secret that will send them down a path that some of them may not return from.

Origins is book 1 in the Unseen Things series. It’s an introduction to the characters, as well as the overall theme of the series itself.



The Hunt (Book #2)

Now that they had the ability to travel the dimensions, they also had the opportunity to rescue Jarrod Grant’s family from the troll-like Faranox and the Agaronin slave  masters, but that wasn’t going to be an easy task.

Not only did they have no experience with fighting the Agaronin, but they had never  traveled outside of their own dimension before, and as such, Derek, Jarrod, Tina and  Sarah find themselves flying blind, and everything becomes a learning experience.   Mistakes are made and lessons are learned as they have to kill as many of the Agaronin  as they can in order to secure more of of the amulets that allow them to travel to the  various dimensions.

When they get confirmation from a rescued slave that Jarrod’s family are in fact alive,  a plan is set into motion to mount a full scale assault on the Faranox village where  they’re being held, not only to rescue them, but to rescue as many of the other slaves  as possible, so they can be returned to their own families and dimensions.

Unseen Things: The Hunt is the second book in the Unseen Things series.  You’ll need to read Unseen Things: Origins before you read this book, otherwise you won’t get a lot of the references to things that happened during the first book.



blog postExploration (Book #3)

After a successful raid on a Faranox village in which they rescued Jarrod’s family, as well as a large number of slaves from several other dimensions, Jarrod, Derek, Tina, Sarah and Patricia returned home for a well deserved rest.  Unfortunately, in their line of work, rest is never a permanent state of being, and soon enough they find themselves in the blue fin dimension forging a bond of friendship with its inhabitants, who at first glance seemed like a simple, friendly people living in a tribal society, but appearances can be deceiving and soon enough they learn that there’s a lot more to their new friends than meets the eye.

With major story and character developments, Exploration propels the Unseen Things series forward in new, exciting and sometimes tragic directions.  The characters find themselves dealing with a variety of issues including love, family, morality, life and death, as well as old foes that return to cause new problems.  It’s a wild ride filled with love, humor and adventure, and one that you won’t want to miss.




Blog PostRevenge (Book #4)

Word had spread amongst the tribal leaders in the Faranox dimension of the human raid on one of their towns in which many of the Agaronin were killed and all of their slaves were freed.  Now, five tribal leaders have banded together and are starting work on a massive new settlement in order to better defend against the human threat.

Each tribal leader had brought all of their Agaronin and all of their slaves to help build the massive new village…however, they made one huge mistake.  They attacked the village of the blue fins that the humans had befriended, damaging buildings and taking over half of the village’s population as new slaves, leaving their newest team member, a blue fin named Freddie and his human friends looking for revenge, but they were going to have to be smart about it.

Derek had planned the first attack, and now it was up to him to plan a brand new one on a scale he’d never imagined.  With the help of the entire team, most of their parents, their friends and the rest of the blue fin villagers, they were going to have to take out an enemy threat that had them outnumbered by fifteen to one while rescuing all of the slaves and the blue fin villagers in the process.

Many other life changing events await them as well, including more new team members, a new house, new revelations about the origins and purpose of the blue fin people and a rep that’s suddenly breaking centuries old protocols to make personal contact with them.



Blog PostImmortals (Book #5)

None of them realized at first who the mysterious woman was who showed up at their door after the party that night.  None of them would have ever believed it could have been their mysterious rep, who up to this point they’d been barred from having any personal contact with.  Yet here she was in the flesh, and she had a gift with her from the backers that would change their lives very literally forever.

As the group’s numbers increase, they all start adjusting to their new life and their new abilities.  The first order of business is to train the new recruits, and then once that’s done, they get back to work investigating the various dimensions, both known and unknown.  Old enemies return, new discoveries are made and in the end there’s a change coming on the horizon that none of them ever saw coming.



Division Blog PostDivision (Book #6)

When they received their injections of the original serum, they became immortal and their bodies gained the ability to regenerate, but now the backers have created a new version of the serum and with that serum comes a host of new strengths and abilities that they never even dreamed possible.

It’s not just the new serum that’s changing things however.

With marriages, new team members, a division of the group into two separate operations, the return of an old friend and a visit from two very unexpected guests, Division represents another great leap forward in the evolution of the Unseen Things universe.




Trackers Blog Post

Trackers (Book #7)

When they volunteered to move to Scotland to start up a new operation there, they all had their own reasons for doing it. Some wanted to prove themselves, while others just wanted to make a fresh start. Whatever their personal reasons were for going, they all still had the same mission, which was to free the human slaves from the Faranox dimension, explore new dimensions and to make friends wherever they could.

When they made their first journey into one of the previously unexplored dimensions however, they encountered a very hostile race that they later come to call fangtails. Unfortunately, when they find themselves greatly outnumbered and forced to run for their lives, Jenny loses her amulet, which later ends up in the hands of the fangtail queen. When she accidentally opens a portal and ends up in the human dimension, it takes the entire team along with the help of one of her own kind to track her down.

Eager to prove themselves after the fiasco with the fangtails, Beth, Sheryl, Martin and Dylan all head out to find a Faranox village so they can free the human slaves and bring them back home. It was supposed to be a standard operation where they went into the village, killed the tribal leader and all of their Agaronin and then took the amulets and the slaves and headed back home. What they found when they got there however was something entirely different than anything they’d ever expected. They found themselves in what was called a free village, where slavery was outlawed and the humans who’d escaped from the slaver villages and made their way there were taken in, cared for and protected. Now, with the help of their tribal leader Thayelle, a plan is set into motion to eliminate slavery entirely from the five surrounding villages, so Thayelle and her people can live in peace and the human slaves can be brought back home.



Ghost Worlds Blog PostGhost Worlds (Book #8)

Four different Earths in four different dimensions left as nothing but lifeless balls of rock and sand after their moons were destroyed, sending massive chunks of debris slamming into the planets, ripping away their atmospheres and extinguishing every last bit of life. With a near infinite number of dimensions, was it beyond the realm of possibility that these four ghost worlds were nothing more than a coincidence, or was it perhaps a coordinated attack intended to destroy whatever, or whoever inhabited those worlds?

Suspicions and theories abound, but they’ll never find the answers without investigating, and for that they’ll require some new gear, including space suits, metal detectors and ground penetrating radar. If these dead worlds truly were inhabited by the race they called the creators, then they not only need to find that out for sure, but they also need to find out who destroyed them, and why.

Also, in an effort to repair a relationship that had grown distant, Jarrod, Derek, Tina and Sarah invite Patricia to come down to the cabin with them for a little vacation so they can reconnect and get things back to the way they were back in the early days. While they’re there, they head out to explore an as of yet unexplored dimension and find a world that’s beyond even their wildest imaginations, as well as a mineral that could either be the key to producing limitless energy, or the catalyst of their own destruction.



Resurrection Blog PostResurrection (Book #9)

When Logan’s body was removed from its grave, they thought it was just the work some a cult, or a deranged individual. Never in a million years would they have dreamed that Derek’s brother had been taken for a very specific reason, nor could they have possibly guessed what that reason might be.

They’d gained their immortality and all of their vast mental and physical abilities from the serum they were given, but what if it could be used for more than that? What if it could be used to regenerate the dead and then bring them back to life with their memories fully in tact? That’s what Freddie wondered, and based on the education that he and Diana had received in the field of genetics from Charles and Richard, Freddie came up with a theory that allowed them to do just that.

What would you do if suddenly your loved ones could be brought back to life with the same immortality and abilities that you have? It was a possibility that was something they never could have conceived of, and yet all of a sudden it was all too real.

With new abilities, new characters and new secrets revealed, Resurrection marks another great leap forward in the development of the Unseen Things universe.



Encounters Blog PostEncounters (Book #10)

The Nathalis destroyed the moons in seven different dimensions in an effort to to wipe out the Zethichtalarin threat, and while it did succeed in killing off the majority of their race, it was inevitable that some would escape to other dimensions before their worlds were destroyed.

It was assumed that the survivors would no longer be a threat, but when Beth and Erin encounter one of their military officers in the Paradise dimension, that assumption is quickly proven wrong.

Now that the Zethichtalarin have begun to show themselves again, what lengths will they go to in order to rebuild their empire? The answer may be found in the Faranox dimension, where a tribal leader from one of the free villages has formed an army with advanced tactical knowledge that no Faranox tribal leader would normally possess.

As the evidence mounts that the Zethichtalarin were behind the formation of that army, the group in Washington forms a team whose job is to search the Faranox dimension for those responsible, and put an end to their plans for a resurgence once and for all.



Resurgence Blog PostResurgence (Book #11)

The Zethichtalarin were nearly wiped out by the Nathalis, but thousands had managed to escape the destruction and wound up scattered throughout many different dimensions.  They chose the Faranox dimension in which to regroup, because not only were the people there somewhat primitive, but the slaver villages had a ready supply of slaves that they could manipulate the free army into capturing and handing over to them.  Their goal was to use the slaves to build themselves a new city where they could gather together the survivors of their race and plan their next move.  They wanted revenge against those who had destroyed their worlds, but they didn’t count on facing a far different and vastly more powerful enemy that was out there searching for them, and whose only goal was to put and end to their evil once and for all.



Emissary Blog PostEmissary (Book #12)

How exciting would your life be if you were assigned to guard mineral deposits on an uninhabited world?  Alarwyn thought that was going to be the sum total of her life, at least for the foreseeable future, but one day everything suddenly changed.  Selected by her superiors to be their emissary to the human dimension thanks to her friendship with Beth and Erin, she finally had a way out, but she never imagined what a life altering experience her new assignment would be.

Also, when Giles, Savaric, Billy and Sarah saved the inhabitants of dimension 3997C from an alien invasion, they had no idea of the repercussions they’d face in the aftermath.  When a colonel that’s had a past relationship with Charles and Richard suddenly shows up at the house, he informs them that the alien invaders known as species 2773 Delta want their heads, and they’re not the type to take no for an answer.

With new characters, new loves and even more laughs as Patricia takes the others on yet another side job in which they revisit the infamous raccoon lady, Emissary is another fun and entertaining journey through the Unseen Things universe.



Companions Blog PostCompanions (Book #13)

Since Alarwyn had been an orphan and Stephanie never had any real family to speak of, from the moment they met they latched on to each other, developing a sisterly bond that made them almost inseparable.

In an effort to get out there and prove themselves to the others, they head off to the reptilian dimension to do a little exploring, but things take a serious turn when they discover a Zethichtalarin plot to destroy the Nathalis homeworld. Together they have to figure out a way to stop the plot, recover the zero point bombs and kill the Zeths who were planning the attack before it’s too late.

Also, when Derek and Jarrod decide to make an “old school” run to the prehistoric dimension along with Tina, Sarah and Patricia just to add a little excitement to their lives, what starts out as a boring trip soon turns far more exciting and potentially deadly than they’d bargained for.



Conspiracy Blog PostConspiracy (Book #14)

The hybrids are aging rapidly and time is running out. In his desperation to save their lives, the colonel turns to Derek and Jarrod for help. Their plan to get the hybrids off the base however hits a snag when an administrator named Wilcox starts throwing some nasty accusations at the colonel, forcing them to take drastic steps in order to save not only lives of the hybrids, but the colonel’s life as well.

Also, when Tina, Sarah and Jarrod kidnap Heather from the house in Scotland so they can take her out on a little adventure to a random dimension, they thought they were going to end up someplace exotic or run into yet another strange species that they’d get to document and study. Unfortunately, the random dimension they chose didn’t provide them with any of that. Instead, they find themselves in some very familiar surroundings, and run into some people they’re more than intimately acquainted with.

And finally, when Commander Arthwal’s investigation into the mystery surrounding the deaths of Alarwyn’s parents leads to a revelation that could rock the very foundations of the Nathalis political system, he has to choose between following the status quo and doing what’s right in order to give Alarwyn the justice she deserves.



Blog PostInfestation (Book #15)

When someone steals the Zethichtalarin portal generator from a secure Nathalis storage facility, Karth and Commander Arthwal put their best men on the case.  Neither of them could have imagined however that the portal generator would be used in a plot that would lead to an invasion that would span across all four of the Nathalis’ dimensions.  An invasion that would force the humans, blue fins and all the others to put boots on the ground, standing side by side with their Nathalis friends to fend off an infestation that threatens to destroy everything.

Back in the human dimension, when Derek, Jarrod and Logan pry Charles and Richard out of the lab to go on a little trip to the planet Gilese 667C c, they end up finding a crashed ship and a dead bridge crew from a parallel dimension that leads them to uncover a tale of revenge against a massive and corrupt corporation.

And finally, now that Logan and Darla’s relationship has gotten serious, he makes the decision to bring her in on everything.  However, Tina, Sarah, Stephanie and Alarwyn have a little test for her before he does so, just to make sure she’s suitable to join the team.  Also, when Logan asks Derek to see if he can find her father that had disappeared years earlier and was presumed to be dead, what he finds in his search leads to yet another mystery that begs to be solved.



Blog PostTransition (Book #16)

Their patience is at an end. It’s been a long time coming, but they’ve finally had enough of dealing with the stupidity and corruption of the human race, and now it’s time for them to go.

In the year 2112, the military is forced to remove the government from power due to its deep rooted corruption. Unfortunately, about half of the country supports those who were in power, which brings about riots, looting and martial law.

Feeling completely disconnected from humanity, they’re left with two options. Wipe out most of the Earth’s population so that the human race can start over and rebuild itself from the ashes, or leave. Left with no other choice, the group finally decides to make their long planned move to the Nathalis dimension.



Travelers Blog PostTravelers (Book #17)

It was the year 2231 when they started coming through the portals.  The Echnid soldiers devastated the Earth and eliminated nearly eighty percent of the population as they searched for resources they could steal and send back to their home dimension.

Jake and Lana managed to survive the initial assault and went out on the road together in a stolen (errr…salvaged) vehicle.  After what became known as the Day of Death however, where all of the Echnids on the planet suddenly turned inside out, they looted whatever Echnid weapons they could find and then traveled from town to town, doing less than reputable jobs and stealing or salvaging whatever they could in order to survive.

When they happen upon a no name town in what used to be the state of Utah however, they finally find themselves in a place where they can lay down some roots.  The question is, between the Echnid raiders, the roving gangs of humans known as Skinks, and one very angry pregnant girl from the next town over who’s hell bent on making Jake her husband, how deep will their roots be allowed to grow?



Blog PostRepercussions (Book #18)

Actions have consequences.  You may have done something in the past, or perhaps even on this very day that could alter the course of a whole civilization, or simply change the fate of one individual.  The gang soon discovers this as they start checking in on some people and places from their past to find out how things have ended up for them over the course of the past two and a half centuries.

Plus, when Beth organizes a whole new round of exploration, Giles and Savaric find themselves on a sunless world in a dimension filled with energy forms that appear to be the ghosts of intelligent species from a variety of different dimensions.  When they bring in Charles and Richard to help them investigate it however, one of the energy forms tries to get at them so aggressively that Richard decides to capture it and bring it back to the lab in order to see if they can use the energy to restore the entity to its original form.  Unfortunately, what they end up bringing back is none other than an old enemy that none of them had ever expected to see again.



Blog Post

Reapers (Book #19)

When the reaper drones showed up at the party to kill Diedre so they could reclaim her energy and take it back to Purgatory, she and Logan had go on the run, hopping from dimension to dimension in an effort to try to stay one step ahead of them while the folks back home work on a way to rectify the situation without leaving all of the energy forms on Purgatory stranded there for all eternity.  In their search for answers however, they make some discoveries that explain a lot of things, including why Diedre was so psychotic in her previous life.

Also, when Derek pays himself a visit from the future, he learns that their attempts at finding a solution to the Diedre situation appeared to have worked at first, but things ended really bad for them shortly thereafter.  Now they have to think outside the box to come up with a new and unique way of solving the problem that they wouldn’t have otherwise considered if they’re to have any chance at all of altering the timeline, so the people they care about don’t end up dead.



Blog PostInvasion (Book #20) (Coming in 2016)

Boredom is a horrible thing to suffer through when you’re immortal, but it seems to be the normal state of things whenever there’s down time between one crisis and the next.

In order to alleviate their boredom one afternoon, the others ask Jake and Lana to tell them the story of how they met, and what happened to them between the time when the Echnids first invaded the Earth, and when the pair finally settled down in the town of Cottonwood, Utah.

Also, the secret that Jarrod and the others have been keeping about their ability to alter reality becomes a bit more public when Sarah uses it to help Jake undo the single biggest regret of his life.



blog-postGenesis (Book #21)

When you have the literal power of gods, the ultimate accomplishment would be to use that power to create a living world out of a lifeless hunk of rock.  This was the idea behind the Genesis project.  There’s just one catch.  They need to find a lifeless hunk of rock to use for the project before they can set their plans in motion.  When a stranger named Gerald shows up in the village however, the source of their god-like powers soon becomes all too clear.

Not trusting this amiable stranger in the slightest, Jarrod opens a time portal and travels far into the future.  When he returns a few seconds later however, he refuses to tell anyone where he went, or when for that matter.  Their concern for him grows even deeper when he starts suffering from debilitating headaches that only seem to get worse as time goes on.

Also, during the search for a suitable planet to use for the Genesis project, not one, but two old enemies are discovered and must be dealt with.

Sadly, all great things must come to an end.  Genesis is the final book of the Unseen Things series, and a fitting send off for the characters we’ve all grown to know and love.