Jeez, where do I start?

Ever go through a period in your life, where everything conspires to stop you from doing what you want to get done?  Well, I have, and it’s been going on for months now.  I got the first pass done on book 4, and finished the first chapter of the second pass, and then all hell broke loose.  It’s been nothing but one thing after another for months now.  Currently it’s my left eye.  I got iritis in it somehow, so it’s all red and scratchy and out of focus.  Obviously that doesn’t lend itself to editing, so I’m kinda stuck until it gets better.  Hopefully it won’t take a hell of a long time to heal up so I can FINALLY get back to work.  I could sit here and list off all the other crap that’s been keeping me from getting stuff done, but aside from having our car totaled and having to get a new car a while back, most of it’s just personal crap that would take way too long to explain.

In any case, my goal is to get back to work on editing the 2nd edition of book 4 as soon as possible.