Standalone Novel Trivia


Cindy’s Story Trivia

This story originated from a random story I told someone on Facebook chat one day to entertain them while they were at work. It was all just spur of the moment and off the top of my head, but I liked how it came out, so I started working on it after I finished book 20 of the Unseen Things series.

This book was only ever intended to be a standalone. I wanted to get a non-series book done and published so I could not only use it to introduce people to my writing.

The snappy dialogue in the book is a nod to the film My Man Godfrey.  If you’ve never seen the film, I highly recommend it.  The dialogue is so fast and punchy that it’s almost dizzying at times, but it’s brilliantly comical.



The Accidental Hero Trivia

I came up with the idea for this story when I was talking to an author friend of mine in a chat online.

My original idea was to have a superhero who, after his encounter with the aliens, could suddenly see invisible beings that had infiltrated our society from another dimension.  Ultimately I gave up on that idea, mainly because I didn’t feel like it was worth a whole book, but also because it was too much like the movie They Live.  Keeping it more crime and day to day life based allowed me to do a lot more with the story than my original idea would have.

While there is a fair amount of humor in the story, I originally intended for it to be more of a comedy with a klutzy sort of a guy who became a superhero.  It ended up not being that at all.  Instead, it combines humor with some darker, more serious story elements.

Before I wrote this book, I had started writing the 23rd book in the Unseen Things series.  I reached chapter 10, and aside from the main storyline, all the rest of it felt rather forced, so I abandoned it completely.  The 22nd book, Aftermath, was always intended to be the final book in the series, and that’s where it stands.  There will be no more books in the Unseen Things series.