You know what’s funny?

Yesterday I was writing, and the group was just walking through the woods trying to get to the next village, and it occurred to me how boring that would be, so I had Jarrod ask Derek to tell everyone a joke.  The funny part is, the joke he told is actually one I dreamed up one night.  I was laying in bed in a sort of a lucid dreaming state, and this joke ran through my head just completely out of nowhere.  I woke up with the punchline solidly locked in my brain, but then I had to remember the rest of the joke, which I eventually did.

Now here’s the funny part.  Not only was the joke completely original, but…I didn’t get it.  Honestly, somehow I came up with a joke that I didn’t get!  Now here’s the really funny part.  I told it to my wife and she actually explained it to me, and when she did I was like, “OH DUH!!!” *insert facepalm here*

That was actually one of two times that that’s happened to me.  I actually started out having him tell the other joke, but it wasn’t as funny and didn’t work as well, so I switched.

Anyway, it stuck with me, so I threw it in there.  At least a couple of the characters got it, so it didn’t fall totally flat, but still… 😉