Work on Invasion, book 20 of the Unseen Things series has begun!

I just finished writing the first chapter of Invasion, and I’m absolutely loving how it’s going so far.  I’ve wanted to write about Jake and Lana’s story since I first introduced them in book 17 of the series, and now felt like the perfect time to do just that.  The form it’s taking is that Jake and Lana are sitting around bored with Jarrod, Derek, Tina and Sarah, and since they can’t figure out anything fun to do, Sarah asks them to tell them about all the stuff they went through during the invasion, and during the time after it was over.  I’m writing it as though it were happening, and then at the beginning of each chapter I think I’ll cut back to the present and have the others ask them some questions or make comments or whatever.  Sort of like if you were watching a movie or a television show and someone was telling someone else a story from their past, and after they interacted and the person started telling it, it would fade to showing the actual story.

Anyway, I haven’t made the cover for it yet.  Wanna know why?  Because I got sick of my computer being dragged to its knees every time I try to render a cover.  I literally can’t hardly do anything else while I have a render running because it’s swapping to the hard drive so much.  To that end, I ordered myself a Crucial 4×4 16GB memory kit that I’m gonna install.  It’s only got 4GB of ram in it now, which is why it’s swapping to the hard drive so bad during renders.  I’m hoping that having 16GB in there will alleviate that problem.  This is the first book that I haven’t made a cover for it before I started writing.  Quite often the cover will lead me in a certain direction, or make me think about a particular scene I want to include, and it’ll give me some visual cues for writing that scene, but it can’t be helped.  I’ve rendered 19 covers now and every one of them bogged the hell out of my computer.  This time around, I’m gonna take the luxury route.  Now…if the memory would just get here.  It’s supposed to be here by the 29th, but I’m hoping it’ll get here sooner.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that the next one is started and hopefully it won’t take anywhere near as long to get out as this last one did.