Work on book 16, Transition is about to begin…

I just finished doing the cover and all the other graphics for Transition.  I also got the book file all set up, so I’ll probably start writing it either today or tomorrow.

I got really sentimental doing the graphics.  Unless something in this book leads to events that will have to be handled in another book, then this will be the penultimate book of the series, with Travelers, which I’ve already written, being the final book.  Transition will, at least at some point in the book, jump forward in time to the point where they finally make the decision to pack up everything and move to the Nathalis dimension.  They’ve mentioned many times that the day would eventually come when they’d leave the human dimension for good, and as of Travelers, that’s long since happened.

The cover has the four main characters spending one last night on the beach together before they leave.  Even thinking about it gets me sort of teary.  It’s been such a long ride, and now things are coming to an end…sort of.

Why sort of?  Well, the main storyline for the series will (probably) end with Transition, and then Travelers is like an end cap to the series.  There are still more stories that can be written however that take place in the Unseen Things universe.  What form they’ll take I have no idea.  It could be full books that continue on with the series if I happen to come up with some ideas for where to go with it after Travelers, or it could be a book of short stories.  I honestly don’t know, nor do I really want to call Travelers the “last book” because I honestly don’t know if it will be or not.

Is that vague enough for you?  Good, it is for me too.  The great thing about a series and about having characters that you know better than members of your own family is that there are always more stories to tell with them.  Just because I’ve kinda hit the end of the road for now doesn’t mean I haven’t had thoughts about where things could go in the future.  We’ll just have to see how it goes.  Once I get transition and Travelers published, which I’ll be doing together, then I’ll start thinking about what the future holds.