Unseen Things: The Hunt (book #2) is in the works! – Teaser included!

Yes, that’s right, I’ve gotten started on the second book in the series, and so far I’ve finished chapter 1.  While Origins was intended to introduce and develop the characters, as well as the overall theme of the series, The Hunt is getting down into the meat of it.  There’s going to be a lot more action and a whole new world to explore as the four make their way into another dimension in an effort to rescue Jarrod’s family.

Here’s a teaser from chapter 1 of The Hunt. This should tell you a little about the kind of stuff that’s going to be going on in this book.


“Do we have everything?” Jarrod asked as he threw a large duffel bag into the back of Derek’s truck. They’d decided to take Derek’s truck this time around, because Sarah’s car was too small to hold them, their luggage and all the gear.

“I think so,” Derek replied, going over a checklist they’d made. “Camo gear, bitch beaters, tasers, stun guns, a hunting bow and arrows, hunting knives, that dagger Jack made, gas masks. chains, leather belts, survival kits, first aid kits, flashlights, backpacks, personal stuff… Yeah, I think…no, wait. There’s something else I picked up for us. Crap, I don’t wanna forget those. Just a sec.”

Derek ran into his garage, and then came running out with an armful of small, metal canister looking things.

“What are those?” Jarrod asked, looking at them curiously.

“Well, remember how Patricia said we should burn the bodies to cover up the fact that they’d been murdered? Well that’s what these are for. They’re those little torches that chefs use. I figured regular sized torch bottles would be too big and heavy to carry, and would be more than we need anyway. These’ll do the trick just fine and they’re a hell of a lot smaller.”