Two chapters to go on the Origins 2nd edition re-edit.

I’m done through chapter 14 on the re-edit, and it’s like a night and day difference in the writing.  I’m super happy with how it’s turning out, and I’m really looking forward to getting it out there so I can get the print version out as well.

Now, be aware that most 2nd editions will have a new ISBN number, and I know technically you’re supposed to do that, but I’m not going to.  I’m just going to reupload the new version on the same number it had before.  That way anyone who’s purchased the books in the past can get the new versions for free just by redownloading them from wherever you bought them.  That way you can get the best of what I’m capable of at this point in my career, without having to pay for a new copy.

As I said before, the later books in the series won’t change as drastically in the writing style, because my style was already well established by the time I got to writing those.  These earlier books however will show a marked improvement.

Also, I’m going to take this opportunity to change a few character names.  Unfortunately, I used the name John twice, the name Mike twice, and the name Billy twice, though the second Billy wasn’t a character, it was just some kid that was mentioned in a memory.  It always bugged me that I did that, and even though I differentiated between John (Derek’s father) and Johnny (Heather’s brother) by using different forms of the name, Mike Hammond, who was introduced in Travelers, and Jeremy’s friend Mike both use the same form of the name.  This was actually not really a flub on my part, because I was planning on making Travelers into a spinoff series when I wrote it, so I didn’t think the two characters would ever be in the same place at the same time.  Well, that all changed, so I’ll be changing Mike Hammond’s name to something else when I get to Travelers, and then I’ll have to change it in whatever subsequent books he appears in.

To be honest, people in real life meet up with people who have the same name as them all the time, and while I like to have a high level of realism in my stories, there’s no excuse for doing that in a book when you have so many different names to choose from.

The nice part is, since there were never print versions of the series, all the print versions will be good to go right out of the gate since they’ll be published after each of the books have been re-edited.

This series is my flagship as an author, and the characters in it are like family to me.  That’s why this 2nd edition project is so important.  I want the entire series to be the best example of my work that it can be, so I’m dedicating the next ten months or so of my life to make sure that happens.