Travelers progress…

I’ve had some delays in my writing schedule as of late for a variety of reasons.  Lack of sleep, spending time with friends and family and just a general sense of burnout have slowed things down.  The burnout in particular is a big part of it I think.  I spent over a year just pounding through one book after another and put out fourteen books.  No one can maintain that kind of a writing schedule without getting burned out to some degree.

I have slowed down my writing schedule for a bit, though I haven’t stopped entirely.  I just finished chapter nine of Travelers this morning and I’ve been thinking a lot about the final book in the Unseen Things series, so things are still progressing.  I’m just going to spend a little more time on other things for the next few weeks.  Things like playing music and video games, and I’ll definitely try to get more sleep.  The sleep issue is probably the biggest factor in all of it.  It seems like I’m tired all the time now, and I’m sick of feeling that way.  I need to get caught up so I can actually function again.

So…to sum it up, work is continuing, albeit at a slower pace for a little while.  Once I start feeling better, I’ll get back to my old writing schedule again.