Trackers update…

Just finished chapter seven of Trackers, and I’m incredibly happy with how the story is coming along.  I don’t want to spoil things here really, but one of the characters who’s been largely in the background since the very beginning has emerged as a strong and confident leader.  I’m also bringing in a new character to add to the team who’s actually connected to them in a way that she doesn’t even realize yet…but she will soon enough.

I’m really enjoying writing this one.  So far I’ve focused entirely on the group in Scotland, because I felt like they deserved a book of their own.  The next book will go back to the group in Washington to focus on what they’re doing, and then from there on in the future books I’ll probably end up switching back and forth between them.

Anyway, I’m working hard on it and getting through a chapter a day, so I’ll have it finished up in another week or week and a half, so I’m thinking between finishing the book and getting it proofread and edited, I’ll probably have it out there in about two weeks or so, barring any delays.