Trackers is almost complete!

I wanted to post a quick update here since I haven’t posted one in a while.  I just finished writing chapter fifteen of book seven of the series.  Just one more chapter to go and then I can start the proofreading and editing process.  I’m anticipating having the book out in another week or so, after which I’m going to take a short break from the writing so I can spend some time marketing the series, which I haven’t done at all yet.  My plan’s always been to get a good number of books out there so people could really dive into the series and have a lot of material to read through from the get go.  Well I think seven books constitutes a “good number of books”, so I guess it’s time to start really trying to get the word out.  Unfortunately, that’s just part of being a self-published author.  If I had an agent and a deal with a publisher, the publisher would be taking care of the marketing and such for me.  Oh well…wish in one hand… 🙂