The Unseen Things series now available on Google Play…

Yesterday I decided to take a shot at adding the series to Google Play.  You can view the listings here:

Again, the first book, Origins is free everywhere including the official site. The only place it isn’t is on Amazon because they’re a pain in the ass about their pricing, so I’ve changed it to .99 cents there and I’m trying to get people to report price matches so they’ll knock it down to free on there as well.

A quick thought on Google Play. Much like Amazon, they have a space for the series title and the volume number, and yet they make no mention of it at all in the listings. At least Amazon is listing the series now next to the title, but even there it’s not linked to a full list of the series titles. I really don’t know what these retail sites are thinking. It should be absolutely elementary to have the title the series and the volume number all on the listing for any given book for which a volume and series number apply. Honestly, the only site I’ve seen doing this so far is Smashwords, so they’ve got it right. Another problem with Google Play are the reports. You can’t view them online. You have to download a CSV file to view. How basic would it be to have that info viewable on a nice reports page? I mean they’re Google! What the hell?