The initial work on Trackers is complete! Now for the proofreading…

So I’ve just completed the initial story for Trackers, which is book seven of the series.  Last night I started the proofreading and editing process and I should have it finished up and published by the end of the week if I don’t hit any snags.  The next book in the series is going to be called Ghost Worlds and will likely combine story elements involving both of the teams in Washington and Scotland.  Trackers was devoted entirely to the team in Scotland, though characters from Washington do make brief appearances through webcam chats and such.

This is also officially the longest book in the series.  I’m only half of the way through proofreading chapter one and I’ve already broken the 100k word mark.  Most of the books in the series fall in roughly the mid 90k range.

Anyway, back to proofreading, which is something I actually hate doing because it’s like re-reading a book you just read, only in this case…I wrote it. 🙂