The final edit on Travelers is now complete!

I just finished editing Travelers, but as I said in previous posts, as it’ll be the final book in the series, I can’t publish it until I write and publish whatever books will come before it.  It really frustrates me that I can’t just publish it now, because as of right now it’s far and away my favorite book of the series, and one that I became very emotional about when I came down to the end of it.

I’ll be starting on the next book of the series at some point early in March.  Because I have an unbelievably horrible memory and it’s been a few months now since I wrote Conspiracy, I think I’ll have to read that one again before I start work on Infestation, just to get myself back up to speed on where I left things.

That’s it for now.  I’ll put out another announcement once I’ve started working on Infestation.