Teaser from Unseen Things: Immortals

Here’s a little teaser from Unseen Things: Immortals.  This is from Mike and Jeremy’s first assignment.


The pair went to the doorway and then just stopped. They didn’t just stop moving, they stopped everything. Breathing, brain activity…you name it. Inside the chamber there was in fact a queen, but she was unbelievably massive. The chamber itself was massive, taking up the entire top of the mound and she filled a good three-quarters of it. Her main body and head looked similar to the other insect people, only she was absolutely enormous, her features were more exaggerated and she didn’t seem to have any real awareness of what was going on around her. It was like her only purpose was to be an egg creator and all other functions were secondary to that. She had a gigantic protrusion that extended out from her lower back that was semi-translucent and had the shadows of hundreds of eggs showing within thanks to the back-lighting coming from the windows. Some of the insect people were taking the eggs from her as they would come out, while the others would attend to her needs as far as food and water. There were a few who were actively cleaning up the goo left over from the egg expulsion by drinking it in, as they did with the water when they transported it. What they did with that goo after it was cleaned up however was a bit of a mystery.