Teaser from chapter 2 of Trackers…

Here’s a little teaser from chapter 2 of Trackers.  Something bad happened.  Uh oh… 😉


“You what???” Derek practically shouted into the laptop camera after Mike told him they lost one of the amulets.

“Dude, you didn’t see what we were up against!  There were at least a hundred of them and they had some nasty looking fangs.  They were fast as fuck too!  We barely got away!” Mike said defensively.

“You guys need to get that amulet back.  What if they figure out how to use it?” Derek asked.

“They seem pretty primitive.  I don’t think they’ll figure it out.  The thing is…we’re uh….”


“Well, we’re not really sure where she dropped it.  She thinks she dropped it on the road when we took off running, but everyone was kinda freaking out, so we’re not sure,” Mike said.  Derek just let out a heavy sigh and shook his head.

“Do you have any idea what could happen if they do figure out how to use that thing?  You said you had a hundred of them chasing you.  Imagine if even a few of them came into our dimension and started chasing around random people, or even killing them.  The whole fucking game would be up then, wouldn’t it?” Derek asked.