Stan Morris

Author Interview Form
Tell us your name and where you’re from.:
I’m Stan Morris and I live on a farm on the island of
What led to your decision to become an author?:
While I have enjoyed writing as long as I can remember, I
decided to become an author in 2008. I wrote Surviving the Fog and
sent the manuscript to the Library of Congress so it would be
copyrighted. I planned to send the manuscript to Baen Books and to
Tor Books, but I got impatient and published it to the net, instead.
Later, I discovered Manybooks, Feedbooks, and Smashwords. This was
before Amazon created Kindle Digital Publishing.
Tell us about what you’re currently working on, and
what you’ve written in the past.:
I am working on several projects, but I have not settled on
one. My books include Surviving the Fog, Surviving the Fog-Kathy’s
Recollections, Sarah’s Spaceship Adventure, The Colors of Passion and
Love, Sam’s Winnings, Kate’s Movie Star, Amy’s Hero, and What’s In My
Shorts. I have a short story in the Wyrd Worlds I anthology.
What are some of your strongest points as a writer,
and what if anything are you constantly working to improve upon?:
I am a good story teller. I’m working to improve the way I
include information in my books about what the characters are sensing,
for example the smells around them.
Are you self published, traditionally published or
both? Why did you choose to go that route?:
I am self published, because it was quicker and easier. I
have been a tech person for a long time.
What format are your books available in? Which of
these formats do you prefer and why?:
My books are available at, so they are
available in almost every format ever developed. I really don’t have
a preference, but I don’t like to read in PDF format.
How do you go about marketing your books?:
I have purchased ads through Google and through some book
websites, but engaging on social media sites like Goodreads is one of
the best methods of marketing.
Have you ever had to deal with harsh criticism in a
review, and how do you handle it?:
Yes, some reviewers have said some harsh things. If they are
related to the mechanics of the book, I use those criticisms to
improve the book. If the comment is personal, I ignore it.
What are your favorite genres to both read and
I like to write science fiction stories, but I have written a
fantasy with light magic.
What authors have influenced or inspired you?:
Some of those are Robert Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, Pamela
Morisi, Jayne Ann Krentz, Mary Stewart, Lindsey Davis, and Spider
What kinds of things do you enjoy doing when you’re
not writing?:
I like to garden, listen to music, and watch sports. Lot of
What software do you use for your writing? Did you
try others before you settled on the one you’re currently using?:
I’m using Microsoft Word 10. I’ve checked into others, but I
always come back to Word. It’s easier for me.
What is it that you like about the software you’re
currently using that makes it the best solution for you?:
Both Smashwords and Kindle Digital Publishing use Word. That
makes the conversions easy.
What’s the best advice you could possibly give to
your fellow authors?:
Always have more than one writing project in progress, so if
you don’t feel like working on one, you can switch to another.
Where can people find out more about you and your
My author pages:

Also, for a look at some of my short stories and stuff I’m working