So this morning I deleted about 3,600 words… :P

Yesterday I was able to get back to writing after having to take a few days off to deal with some other responsibilities.  This was starting chapter 8, and I’d pretty much wrapped up the initial storyline in the book, so I was looking to transition into the next one.  Unfortunately the direction I chose ended up not being right for the book, so I decided to not use it.  Even more unfortunately, I had to delete all the writing I’d gotten done yesterday, which was about 3,600 words. 😛

Anyway, I started chapter 8 completely fresh today and things are back on track again.  Still, it sucks having to delete that much work.  I did save it though, so maybe at some point I’ll post it here on the website as an unedited, deleted scene, just for interest value.

Anyway, back to writing… 🙂