Repercussions update…

I’m currently getting close to finishing chapter seven of Repercussions.  This book has been slow going because so much has changed.  It takes place a few years after Travelers and Jake and Lana make a special guest appearance in this one.  Not just any special guest appearance though.  They’re staying for a week or so, and while they’re there, Logan takes them on a booze run to the reptilian dimension.  As you can imagine, things have changed and evolved on that dimension as well in the past nearly two hundred and fifty years, and Jake gets up to his old tricks again in what turned out to be an extremely fun scene.

Also, people are getting extremely bored with their day to day lives in the Nathalis dimension, so Beth organizes a new series of exploration runs for them, which means a few chapters probably of having to create entirely new dimensions for them to explore.  Also, because the series is winding down, I’m trying to give a lot of the characters that haven’t had much focus of late some exposure, which is why Beth and the team that was formerly in Scotland are going to be doing these runs.

As for what’s coming after, I’m not really sure yet.  I may take a break from the series to write that other book I had an idea for, but I also had an idea for a book that would start at some point before the Echnid invasion and then follow Jake and Lana through their experiences between then and the time where Travelers begins.  I also had that idea to do a book about Jack Wilson’s experiences, but I’m not sure that would be enough to fill an entire book, so I don’t think I’ll be doing that one.  I may just focus on that new book and leave the series open ended for now.  That way I can come back to it later whenever I have a new story idea.

That’s it for now.  I’m still plugging away at it, albeit slowly.  I’ve had some stuff going on in my personal life as well that’s been distracting me from writing, but I’m doing my best to make sure I get at least some stuff written every day.