New short story…

I just posted another piece I did for a writing prompt in my writers group that I attend weekly.  It’s called Night of the Clown, and you can read it here.

I also noticed that my last post involved a funky dream I had.  Well, I had another one last night.  This one involved Holly Holm, Reese Witherspoon, a zombie apocalypse, an ostrich, my old ’69 Camaro SS that got totaled, and an underwater military base.

Yeah…it was one of those dreams.  I woke up trying to figure out how you could avoid getting a severe vitamin deficiency and related conditions when you’re living in an underwater military base and all you have to eat is fish.  Seaweed was an option I thought of in my barely lucid mental state, but I don’t know how much that would help.  The long and the short of it is, thinking about it woke me up, so I got up and wrote another scene in Cindy’s Story.  I have three more chapters to do after this one, and then I’m going to go through a rather harsh editing process, because this will be the first book I’m doing a print version of, so I want to make sure it’s as good as I can possibly make it before it gets printed.  I really can’t wait to release this one.  There’s lots of great humor in it, and to be honest, I’m quite proud of how it’s all coming out.  I love the characters and I’ve had a hell of a lot of fun writing them.  It’s sad that I’ll have to say goodbye to them all after it’s over since this is just a standalone novel, but that’s all I ever intended it to be.

Anyway, that’s it for now.  If you haven’t read the other short story I wrote yet called The Tree, be sure to read it.  I’m extremely proud of that one.  It was something way different for me and I’ve been told it’s a real tear jerker.