My Word nightmare…

So the three print books I ordered from CreateSpace…I checked through them and found that pieces of dialog were together instead of having a line space between them.  This was because I had to line up the text with the top of each page, and as such I removed line spaces to do so.  This was also because Word totally screws the pooch.  It would knock a word that came close to the margin down to the next line every so often, and it totally threw everything off.  The copies are readable and it’s not a huge problem, but it does happen here and there.

So that brings me to yesterday.  Before I noticed that this had happened, I resized the top text on the cover to make it fit a little better.  This caused a 24 hour approval delay during which the print version was not available.  I discovered the formatting issue during this time, and proceeded to fix it by using hard page breaks on each page.  So I get done doing that in a 398 page book, and then I upload it…and CreateSpace says that the gutter size needs to be bigger for a book with this number of pages, even though the previous version had pages within that range and it never complained once about it.  So I had to increase the gutter size, but then guess what happened?  That’s right, it totally screwed the pages all up.  I had to go back through the entire damn book and re-do every single page break.

Anyway, I got it re-uploaded now, so I’m just waiting on the 24 hour approval thing, and then the paperback will be available once again.  This was entirely Word’s fault, and I would love to personally kick the asses of everyone who worked on programming that piece of crap.  It’s such a pain to work with, and more often than not screws everything up instead of handling formatting the way it’s supposed to.  Ugh…what a day.  Anyway, the fixed version of the paperback should be available tomorrow or the next day, and I personally checked each page this time in the proof viewer to make sure it was all correct.