Misty Watts

Author Interview Form
Tell us your name and where you’re from.:
My name is Misty Watts and I’m from Cayce, Ky., a small town
with a populations of 126.
What led to your decision to become an author?:
I have wanted to write my entire life. I became an author
simply because I couldn’t NOT be one anymore.
Tell us about what you’re currently working on, and
what you’ve written in the past.:
My new novel Earthborn will be released June 12 through Ink
Smith Publishing. Earthborn, a faith thriller, is set partially in my
hometown and partially in Martin, Tn. In Earthborn, Declan, Max and
Olivia are old college buddies that endlessly debated the existence of
giants, or Nephilim, in biblical times. When they are reunited for a
mass murder investigation, they find that these slayings were not
committed by men. The ‘fallen ones’ had come to claim the women
who were worthy to bear their children, and once again, their
offspring would bring terror to the Earth.
Two Secret Societies had fought against each other for years. The
Sodalitat had worked endlessly to prevent such a shattering event from
taking place. The Camorra did everything in their power to bring upon
the resurrection of the Nephilim, going as far as attempting to
recreate the creatures in a lab using viable DNA from excavated
A young student, Clementine, gets caught in the crossfire between her
favorite professor, Olivia, and her best friend, Mae, when she is
chosen. Women who are found unworthy are slaughtered. The government
finds a gene marker that allows them to indicate if a citizen is a
descendant of the Nephilim, and calls forth those with distinct
characteristics to be tested.
Pandemonium breaks loose across the world as citizens react to the
news. Declan, Max and Olivia must find a way to stop the cosmic event
from coming to fruition.
I also have a series, Walking Among Them, and a horror novella,
Willow’s Grace. These are available now.
What are some of your strongest points as a writer,
and what if anything are you constantly working to improve upon?:
I like a strong point is that I throw myself into whatever I
am working on and rarely get distracted once I get going. I am
constantly working on checking my work as I go. When I write, I tend
to go fast. It’s as if the story can’t stay in my head any longer. It
would benefit me to slow down and pay attention to detail.
Are you self published, traditionally published or
both? Why did you choose to go that route?:
Both. I had always been self published until I decided this
year to submit to a few publishing houses. I found my home with Ink
Smith, a smaller house that gives me special attention and I can
contact my editor anytime through several means of communication. Ink
Smith is a family of authors and I’m excited to be among them.
What format are your books available in? Which of
these formats do you prefer and why?:
My books are available in electronic format and print. I
prefer different ones for different reasons. I love the feel and smell
of real books, but my kindle is easy to grab if we are going on a
How do you go about marketing your books?:
I do interviews, books signings and giveaways. Marketing is
the hardest part for me.
Have you ever had to deal with harsh criticism in a
review, and how do you handle it?:
Sure. You can’t please everyone. I try not to let those kinds
of things get to me.
What are your favorite genres to both read and
What authors have influenced or inspired you?:
There are really too many to name. Of course, Stephen King is
the almighty. But, I also enjoy everything from Dean Koontz to
Stephanie Meyers.
What kinds of things do you enjoy doing when you’re
not writing?:
I love high school football games, spending time with my
daughters and husband and getting together with friends. I’m not a
party person, so small get togethers are my favorite.
What software do you use for your writing? Did you
try others before you settled on the one you’re currently using?:
I use Word and always have. I’ve never even tried anything
What is it that you like about the software you’re
currently using that makes it the best solution for you?:
Honestly, it’s just what I’m used to using. I’ve had some
authors suggest writing software, but I just haven’t gotten that far
What’s the best advice you could possibly give to
your fellow authors?:
If you want to write and love it, don’t give up. Continue to
write and put your work out there. Also, never be afraid to ask for
Where can people find out more about you and your
My facebook page, www.facebook.com/mistywattsauthor, and my
website, www.mistywatts.com usually have my most current