Max Maryan

Author Interview Form
Tell us your name and where you’re from.:
Max Maryan. There are a number of countries that I can call
“from”. Am Ukrainian born, New York raised, England educated and
Brazilian married, currently residing in New York.
What led to your decision to become an author?:
I have been reading in a few languages since I have learned
to read. Over the years quite a few ideas accumulated in my head. One
day my father challenged me to put something on paper.
Tell us about what you’re currently working on, and
what you’ve written in the past.:
Having finished my first sci-fi novel which I plan on
continuing as series I am now working on a sport fiction novel about
World Cup 2018.
Are you self published, traditionally published or
both? Why did you choose to go that route?:
After receiving a few rejections from some agents I decided
to go on my own in electronic format only.
What format are your books available in? Which of
these formats do you prefer and why?:
” Coerced Assassin” is available in all digital formats,
although .epub is my favorite.
How do you go about marketing your books?:
Sales, Goodreads, Smashwords and of course Facebook.
Have you ever had to deal with harsh criticism in a
review, and how do you handle it?:
At this point I would kill for any criticism or any review at
What are your favorite genres to both read and
Fiction, Science Fiction, Comedy.
What authors have influenced or inspired you?:
The master of Fantasy, Tolkien. Jim Butcher as of late.
What kinds of things do you enjoy doing when you’re
not writing?:
Soccer is my other passion. Watching and playing. Electronics
are my other passion.
What software do you use for your writing? Did you
try others before you settled on the one you’re currently using?:
Various Android office suites. MSOffice for
What is it that you like about the software you’re
currently using that makes it the best solution for you?:
Mobility. Being that my daily commute takes up more than 3
hours a day, being able to type on my Tablet is extremely
What’s the best advice you could possibly give to
your fellow authors?:
At this point I’d rather get some of it.
Where can people find out more about you and your
Amazon or Smashwords. My website is almost
fully up and running and of course I can be found on Facebook and