Just woke up from another strange dream…

So I just woke up from a pretty weird dream. This time I was in some town in the old west, only it looked like it was on some other planet or something. The dirt was all a deep, reddish brown, there was no vegetation and the buildings all had a similar coloration to them as well. The sky was a rich, reddish orange color as well. It was the sort of a color that you can see in the sky around sunset now and then, only for some reason I knew this was the natural color of the sky in that particular place.

I felt like the town was abandoned, but I was in a saloon where I think there was a bartender or something, though I don’t recall seeing anyone else. Anyway, as it turns out, the people were all just hiding because the Grim Reaper was coming. He’d been there before and everyone was afraid of him. Not realizing this, I went to the door of the saloon to look around outside. Straight out from the saloon the ground made a long slope up into a high hill, and atop the hill was another building. I feel like it was a store or a post office or something, but I couldn’t tell.

Just then, the Reaper came floating in along side of that building and then came shooting down the hill, directly at me. He wasn’t carrying his usual scythe. It was more like a spade of some kind that looked too big to wield, and it had marks all over it, as though it’d been ground into shape and sharpened on some huge grinding wheel.

I ran back into the saloon and closed the door, but it was no use. The reaper came up to the door and knocked it open like it was nothing. I stood before him and he simply stood there staring at me with an invisible face that was hidden by the cowl of his hood.

Resigned to my fate, I followed him outside. Once out there, I asked him if I might have just a few more days to put my affairs in order. I wanted to finish my latest book, say goodbye and all that sort of stuff, but he simply stood there and shook his head at me silently. He then turned and motioned for me to follow him.

Letting out a heavy sigh, I followed him as instructed. Where the ground started to slope up, there was like a large pond at the base of it off to the side, and around the pond the ground rose up into an embankment. As I turned my head to look at the pond, I saw something fly down out of the sky. It was a head on some sort of a plate, and it had small wings protruding from the back of the neck, though it wasn’t using them to fly.

It swooped down in front of the Reaper and landed on the ground, forcing him to stop. It looked up at him and said, “This is wrong. You were supposed to take the one who tends the bar in that place, not him.”

The Reaper seemed frustrated by this, almost like he wanted to argue, and that’s when I woke up. I figured I better write it all down before I forgot it. I do remember there was a dog in that town somewhere around the saloon, and I feel like there was a bartender in there somewhere, I can’t remember exactly.

Anyway, that’s it.  It’s also the reason I woke up again at 3:45am. 😛