I’ve started work on Cindy’s Story…

I’ve started work on my first ever non-series related book, Cindy’s Story.  I don’t know if that’ll be the final title or not, but that’s what I’ve been calling it since I first came up with the idea, so for right now that’s what it’ll be called.

It’s about an average girl named Cindy who hasn’t had much luck in her life.  She can’t seem to keep a job, even though it’s usually not her fault, and the one guy she managed to have a stable relationship with left her for a large breasted waitress at a sports bar.  Now desperate for a job so she can get money to pay her rent, her landlord tells her about his private detective brother who’s looking for an assistant…and that’s where it all begins.

This book is being written to be a standalone.  I don’t know if it will stay that way or not, but I wanted to have at least one standalone book out there to introduce people to my writing, so that maybe they’ll give the series a try.  Aside from that, after publishing twenty books in the Unseen Things series in the last two and a half years, I needed to take a little break.  Writing this book is like a vacation for me.

Fear not though, I will be writing the next book in the series after this one is done and published.