I’ve pulled the series from KDP Select and republished through Smashwords.

With the addition of Kindle Unlimited to Amazon, they’ve given us the chance to remove our books from KDP Select early, which I’ve done.  I’ve republished them on Smashwords and soon they’ll be going out to all of the normal distribution channels and subscription services, including Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple, Scribd, Oyster and others.

I couldn’t see any benefit with remaining in KDP Select as I’ve only had one borrow since I entered the program.  Amazon’s exclusivity demands for promotions and inclusion in their subscription services should not be encouraged, and the amount independent authors will make from the program is suspect anyway since there are no hard numbers available.

Anyway, it’s a bit of a relief that my books will now be available everywhere once again.  Well, everywhere except for Google Play.  I added my books there for a short time and I just don’t like their setup, so I removed them and I don’t plan on putting them back, or at least not right away in any case.