Invasion is a different sort of a book…

I’m currently 25% done with writing Invasion, which is book 20 of the series.  This one’s different than the other books though, and I’m finding it quite stimulating to write it this way.

See, when I had the idea to tell Jake and Lana’s story from just before the Echnid invasion all the way up to the point where they headed out for Cottonwood, Utah, where they ended up in book 17 of the series (Travelers), I was planning on writing it as just a regular book about their experiences.  However, just before I started writing it, I had an idea.  That idea was to do something totally different than I’ve done with any of the other books, and that was to have them sitting around in the living room of their home with Derek, Jarrod, Tina and Sarah.  They’re relating the story to them, and during the story parts it’s written as it happened.  When it comes back to them in the present day, they keep getting interrupted by various people coming through the house.  They also discuss various things in relation to the story, and ask Jake and Lana questions about the different things they’ve told them.

So there’s a back and forth element to it that I feel works really well and that I’m exceedingly excited about, but there’s also various people coming through during the story just to illustrate that life continues on as normal outside of the story.

I’m probably not explaining it all that well, but I haven’t had a lot of sleep, so I’m not exactly running on all cylinders at the moment.  Suffice it to say that I’m really excited about what I’m doing, and I think it’ll make for a great read.

As for my new year’s resolutions (since it’s January 1st today), I only have one.  This year I’m gonna sell some damn books finally!  How?  I’m actually gonna start advertising instead of spending all my time writing.  See, it’s funny how it all works.  If people don’t know your books exist, they don’t buy them.  I know…it’s crazy, right?  Still, that’s something I need to put a whole lot more focus on.  I always said I’d focus on advertising once I finished writing the series, but since I never seem to finish, I guess I’m just gonna have to make myself do it.

Anyway, happy new year everyone!  I’m gonna go and try to get some much needed sleep.  It’s a gym night, and I’m gonna have a crappy workout if I don’t.