Immortals is nearing completion and a title change.

I just finished chapter 14 of Immortals.  Just two more chapters to go before it’s finished.

Once I get Immortals published, I’m going to completely go through all the book listings and remove Unseen Things: from the titles.  From now on, they’ll just be named what they are without the series name in front.  So, Origins, The Hunt, Exploration, Revenge and Immortals.  I’m doing this because it’s not only better form, but it’s also caused problems with sites like Goodreads.  The new files are ready to upload for all the books, I just have to take care of everything once Immortals is done and published.

Other than that, nothing to report.  I had to take nearly a week off because of illness and some other work I had to get done, but now I’m back at it and even though I had a hard time getting started with this chapter, I just started typing and what came out is a chapter I’m actually extremely happy with.  Just type and let whatever’s going to come out of you come on out.  That’s my motto. 🙂