Huge progress on book 2!

I spent the majority of 26 hours yesterday (maybe 21 if you subtract sleep and food) writing three complete chapters (8, 9 and 10) with a word count of 17,402 words. The total word count as of when I finished that freight train of writing was 51,128. I’m shooting for 95k as the goal for the whole book, so I’m over half way now.  Let me just say, that while the first book in the series is really an introduction to the characters, this second book has a lot of very intense action, emotions, humor and gory awesomeness.  Yes, I said gore.  You’ll need to keep a mop handy for some of the scenes in this one. 😉

This second book really opens up and solidifies the main arc of the series.  It takes you into different dimensions, and by the third book, will open up a multitude of new dimensions for the characters to explore.

Work continues.  Keep checking the progress widget on the right for the current status.  The cover is made already, so once it’s completed, I’ll just have to go through the editing and corrections process, which will take about a week or so, and also I’ll need to assign it its ISBN numbers as well as taking care of a few other things.