Here’s what I love about being a writer…

So as I’ve stated many times before, I rarely pre-plan anything in my books other than the most general ideas.  All the rest I just type and let the story flow out of me in whatever way it feels like it should, just as though I were standing there watching the scenes in real life while I typed it all out.  Even the simplest little notion can turn into something that affects the whole series, like the notion I had today.  I’m currently working on chapter 14 of Resurrection and there was a part that came up that had nothing to do really with what I ended up doing, but it led to it, and what I did felt so natural when I did it.  It was something I’d sort of hinted at a bit in the past but never really out and out said, nor had I had any plans at all to say it in this or any other book, but in this one particular moment, it felt right to finally say it, and now that one little thing is turning into a major part of the story.  Not only that, but it’ll bring someone who heretofore was sort of a secondary character and will elevate her up to main character status along with the others.  I’m not going to say what this all involves because that would ruin it, but let’s just say that I’m really excited about what I’m doing with it.

Resurrection has been a difficult book for me to write.  It just hasn’t been flowing as well as the others for one main reason…it’s kinda depressing.  Now don’t get me wrong, there are some really fun scenes in this book, but there’s also a lot of heavy emotional and relationship stuff that was done out of necessity.  You can’t just bring people back from the dead without there being some regrets, resentments and other emotional issues that go along with that.  The problem with that sort of thing is that it’s a bummer to have to write it.  The fun stuff is a blast and I can blow through those scenes in no time at all, but the heavy stuff…that takes a lot more thought and you really have to become each of the characters so you can really understand their point of view and why they feel the way they do.

Now, that said, aside from the fun stuff and the heavy drama, there are also a lot of firsts in this book.

1. You’ll go to Charles and Richard’s house for the first time.
2. You’ll meet the Ach’len for the first time.
3. The main characters all discover and develop a new remote linking ability that allows them to do some really cool (and fun) stuff.
4. One of the characters reveals a secret that becomes a major part of the story.
5. That part of the story is sort of an offshoot of something they were already doing, but they’re going for a completely different result.
6. You’ll find out a bit about how just how tough the reptilians are.
7. You’ll find out the details of what happened the night Logan committed suicide.

There’s probably more I’m forgetting to mention, but there are some major story advancements in this book.  If I keep up with my chapter a day goal, the book will be finished by Friday at the latest, and then it’ll take me three or four days to proofread it and get it ready for publication.  I’m hoping to have it out by next Wednesday or so.

Also, since I know what’s coming generally in the next book, the name popped into my head today while I was writing.  The next book will be called Encounters, and it’ll be the 10th book in the series, which is way cool! 😀

That’s it for now.   Time to get back to writing.