Here’s a teaser from chapter 2 of Ghost Worlds…

Here’s a little teaser from chapter 2 of Ghost Worlds. To put this into context, they’re having a guys night out, and after Billy’s disappointed by the rules at the strip club, they end up going to the most ridiculously seedy biker bar looking to get in a bar fight just for the fun of it.


Just as they were getting ready to go through the door, two drunken bikers came busting through it in the throes of a fist fight, followed by a third, heavily bearded biker who took about two steps through the door and then promptly bent over and started puking all over the place. They all had to jump out of the way to avoid the splash, and when the guy was done, he wiped his lips with his arm and then looked up at them with bleary eyes and chunks of some unidentifiable food hanging from his puke soaked facial hair.

“Evenin’,” he slurred to them, flashing them a somewhat toothless and bizarre looking smile before he staggered off after the two fighting bikers.

“Yes, I believe this place will do quite nicely,” Billy said as he smiled brightly at the others. Everyone laughed as they walked through the door, but as soon as they were inside, the laughter stopped completely. The place was absolutely disgusting and smelled like old booze, cigarettes and body odor. Loud classic rock music played from a beat up jukebox with broken glass in the front, and the place even came complete with a burly looking bartender with an eye patch working behind the bar.

“Holy shit,” Derek said as he looked around the room. “If we weren’t immortal, we’d probably need a couple of penicillin and tetanus shots after we get out of here.”