Funny how things change…

You know, I had plans for Ghost Worlds when I started writing it.  I rarely make any plans for my books.  Usually I just sit down and start typing and let the story flow out of me in whatever way seems natural.  I realized today that one specific thing I wanted to include in Ghost Worlds…well…I kinda forgot to write it because I was too wrapped up in the other stuff I was writing.  It’s nothing that affected the main story all that much, but it was going to be something that was rather shocking and that would specifically affect two of the characters.  Now that I’m well into chapter 13, I realized that I no longer have time to fit in that aspect of the story in a way that would feel natural and not like something that was just thrown in, so I’ve decided to include it in the next book instead.

So what’s in this book?  Well, lots of stuff.  Lots of answers too, including the true name of the creator race.  So you’ll finally get to know what their race is actually called, and why everyone just calls them the creators instead.  It’s been mentioned in the past that the name of the race is really hard to pronounce, and when you see the name, you’ll know why. 🙂

Anyway, that’s it for now.  I’m still plugging away at it, and I’ve got about three and a half chapters left to write before I get to the editing process.