Editing is done on The Accidental Hero…

I just finished editing The Accidental Hero.  I added about 3k words during the editing process, so the final version of the book comes in at about 112K words.  I’m really happy with how this book came out, but now I’ve got a lot more work to do, including writing the author’s note, the synopsis (Ugh…), the print version, and the cover.

I did something different with the editing this time.  Instead of reading through the book multiple times, I read through each individual chapter between three to five times, depending on when I felt like it was finished, before I moved on to the next.  I felt like this worked a whole lot better, as my mindset was really in that specific chapter that I was working on, and reading it multiple times in a row allowed me to catch things I might have missed if I’d have taken the whole book approach.

I’m just about to start on the Author’s Note now, and then once I finish that I’ll write up the synopsis.  Later today I’ll probably get started working on the print version, and then the cover comes last, since I need to finish the print version before I make it.

Anyway, that’s it for now.  See ya next time.