Book 6 of the Unseen Things series, Division, is now available!

Division Blog PostI am very happy to announce that Division, book six of the Unseen Things series is now published and available!

Synopsis: When they received their injections of the original serum, they became immortal and their bodies gained the ability to regenerate, but now the backers have created a new version of the serum and with that serum comes a host of new strengths and abilities that they never even dreamed possible.

It’s not just the new serum that’s changing things however.  With marriages, new team members, a division of the group into two separate operations, the return of an old friend and a visit from two very unexpected guests, Division represents another great leap forward in the evolution of the Unseen Things universe.

You can purchase the book right here through the official site and get it in three different formats (Epub, Kindle and PDF), or you can get it from Amazon or Smashwords. Once Smashwords sends it out for premium distribution, it’ll be available on a variety of other sites as well.