Book 4, Revenge has been re-released…

Blog PostI’ve just finished editing and publishing a new version of book 4 of the series, Revenge.  I thought I hadn’t edited it properly, but now I’ve come to realize that I did edit it, but somehow when I published it originally, I published an unedited version of the book.  I wasn’t able to located the edited copy, so I’ve completely re-edited it from scratch and re-published it with a new cover (pictured here) to replace the old one, which I was never all that happy with.

What’s new in the re-edit?  About eight-thousand words, that’s what.  The re-edit is up to my current standards, and I’ve made a few small modifications to the story to make it jive with what comes later.  Consider this a second edition, even though I’m not actually calling it that.

Now, for anyone who bought the unedited version of the book prior to June 2, 2015, I’m going to take care of you and make sure you get an updated and finalized copy.  Just send me a screenshot showing that you purchased the original copy, and I’ll send you the new version in your choice of formats for free.  You can contact me through the contact page here on the site.

I’m very embarrassed about this happening, but it’s all been rectified now.