An announcement about my next book…

Having just published the 14th book of the Unseen Things series, I’ve reached a point where I feel like I need to take a break from it to write something else.  That’s not to say I’m ending the series yet, because I’m not.  Book 15 will still be coming, but before I write that, I wanted to try my hand at something else.

To that end, I will be writing a standalone book that takes place in the Unseen Things universe, only it’ll be several hundred years in the future.  The characters from the series will have long since moved on to greener pastures, and as such weren’t there to defend the Earth when creatures from another dimension launched a devastating attack that killed off a large majority of the population, thereby reverting them back to an almost Mad Max style of living.

The story will focus on two main characters as they make their way through the world, killing monsters and trying to make a living.  The male lead will be a total sleaze who tries to sleep with practically every girl he comes across, because in his opinion, someone’s gotta repopulate the Earth, so why not him?  His female partner does her best to keep him out of trouble as they travel around trying to protect what’s left of humanity from the monsters that continue to plague man kind.

Will this story turn into a series of its own?  No, probably not.  At best it might turn into two or three books, but nothing more than that unless I get inspired.  The Unseen Things series has been winding down for a while now, and depending on how things play out, the next book may be the last.  We’ll just have to see how it goes and where the story ends up.

I don’t have a title yet for the next book, but the premise and the story are starting to come together in my head, so I may start writing it sooner rather than later, and by that I mean I may start writing it in the next week or two.