Almost healed, and other news…

I had my second carpal tunnel surgery several weeks ago, and even though I still have tendon swelling, tightness, and numbness in both hands, my right hand is quite functional, and my left is well on the path to recovery.

I decided to end the Unseen Things series with the 22nd book, Aftermath.  I got about ten chapters into a 23rd book, but I just wasn’t feeling it.  There was some good stuff in there, but the rest was just feeling forced.  Aftermath was written to be the final book in the series, so I’m not too awful disappointed, but still, it’s kind of sad knowing there’ll likely never be another book in the Unseen Things universe.

That said, I was talking to a writer friend of mine online the day before yesterday, and during that conversation I got a germ of an idea for a new book.  So far I’ve only written the intro, so I’ll just have to see where it leads.  The book is called The Accidental Hero.  Let your mind wander with that, since that’s what I’m doing as well at the moment.

Anyway, that’s enough for now.  I need to get back to doin’ nothin’, so I’ll have time to do nothin’ later as well. 😉