A scheduling announcement for the next two books.

Right now, as I’ve already announced, I’m writing the first book in the new series that takes place in the Unseen Things universe.  Once I finish this one, I’ll be writing the final book in the Unseen Things series.  While that may not be the last book I write with those characters, and likely won’t be, it’ll be the end of that series.  I’m seriously considering doing a new series with the original characters that takes place in the future.  That series will probably take place in the same time frame as the Wasteland Earth series, and may see some random crossover appearances between the two, but each will be its own series.

Now, as for the scheduling of the next two releases.  I’m going to finish writing Travelers, the first book in the Wasteland Earth series, and then I’m going to write the final book of the Unseen Things series, as I said above.  Once that one’s done, I’ll release both books simultaneously, because I’ll be writing an epilogue in Infestation that will reference how things came to be in the new series, and will also reference a specific event that was caused by one or two of the characters in the original series.  I don’t want to have the first book of the new series out without having that one out as well, even though I’ll be adding a forward into Travelers to kind of explain things.

Does that make any sense?  Let me simplify it since I just realized I’m sitting here rambling.  I’ll finish both books and then release them at the same time.  There, that’s all I wanted to say. 🙂