A review for Origins from Goodreads…

A while back I got a nice review for Origins from a girl named Dionne in the Goodreads forums. She never posted it on the book’s listing, or rated the book on there, but I wanted to share the review anyway just so it wouldn’t get lost in the shuffle.


Nice. But I’ve finished reading your book and I liked it too. You had a funny point in the story too that I laughed at and still can’t get it out of my head, which still brings a chuckle to me.

Anyway I did enjoy reading this. The characters are unforgettable (so if you’re thinking of killing off these four, don’t) They make the story what it is.

The setting and the language on how they speak is very descriptive. Like I’m really speaking to teenagers there. It’s a lovely change of pace, in my opinion.

I may even end up getting the rest of your books too. You never know. *wink wink*

Great story too. And great ideas.