A long overdue update…

Yes I’m alive and I’m still working on Transition.  I’m writing chapter 10 right now and so far I’m really happy with how it’s coming out.  The writing has slowed down somewhat because we have house guests right now, but I’m trying to get some done every day.

Now, what does the future hold?  Well, the plan is to release this one and Travelers together as books 16 and 17 of the series, and then book 18 will likely be a novel chronicling the life and experiences of Jack Wilson, who was the key to everything that the characters in the series became later on.  His return with an amulet allowed them to rescue Jarrod’s family and to collect more amulets, which they then used to free others, which in turn led to all the other events that happened subsequently.  He’s always been a key element of the series, even though he only appeared in one scene in the first book as an old man.

After that, I’ll probably be writing a book of short stories from the Unseen Things universe.  Some of the stories will include main characters while others will have completely new characters.  The time frame of these stories will be all over the map as well.  Some may be based on things that were mentioned in the series but never delved into, while others will be things from the characters’ pasts.  The great thing about writing a book like that is that not only do I have total freedom to explore things that will only enhance the backgrounds of some of the characters, but I can also break new ground, which may lead to future books in the series, or even single story companion novels that take place in the same universe, but are stand alone books.

I go through times where I think I should just end the series with Travelers as I had originally planned, but then I come up with new ideas and get reinvigorated again.


At the end of Transition there’s a big jump ahead in time to the point where they all move to the Nathalis dimension, which will then lead into Travelers, which takes place over 230 years in the future.  I may come back to the original characters after I do those other two books and continue with them in the Nathalis dimension if I feel inspired to do so at that point.  We’ll just have to see what happens between now and then.  If I do, there’ll be some crossover between them and the characters in Travelers here and there, because I’d really love to write those characters some more as well.  At least Jake and Lana anyway.  I loved writing Jake and Lana, so you can definitely expect to see more of them, even if it’s just a prequel book to Travelers about their experiences after the invasion.  Hell, I may even write that one and release it before Travelers.  That’s the great thing about being an author.  I can do whatever the hell I want. 😉