A little info about the new book (or series)…

Ok, I’ve started writing the next book, as I said in a previous post.  This one is called Travelers.  Here’s a little more info about it that I didn’t include in the previous post…

Whereas the Unseen Things series was heavily into family, love, honor and relationships as far as the characters were concerned, the main characters in the new one are more of the anti-hero type.  The kind of people who are out for themselves and their own survival rather than concerning themselves with the problems of others.  That is, unless there’s something in it for them.

It’s a whole different style, and I’m throwing a lot of humor in.  Jake is as competent as he is cocky, and if there’s a chick within’ fifty miles that’ll have sex with him, you can bet he’ll sniff her out.  Lana is his best friend and long suffering partner.  They tried the whole relationship thing once, but when he went and had sex with another girl about eight hours later, she saw real quick that he wasn’t exactly the relationship type.  They’ve got each others backs though, and there isn’t anyone in what’s left of the world that they trust more than each other.

The story takes place over two hundred years in the future after the group from the Unseen Things series has already left and moved over to the Nathalis dimension.  With no one there to protect the Earth, the Echnids launched a successful attack that wiped out most of humanity before they started setting up bases and stealing the Earth’s resources.  Unfortunately for them, someone from the original group happened to come back to check on things in their home dimension, and when they found out what had happened, they used their minds to turn all of the Echnids inside out.  Unfortunately, not knowing what dimension the Echnids came from, they had no choice but to go back to the Nathalis dimension and leave what was left of humanity to fend for itself.  No one knows what exactly caused all the Echnids to suddenly turn inside out that day, but once they’d all been killed, the humans who were left started scavenging their technology and building settlements.  There are still random raids by the Echnids, but for the most part the main threat to the Earth had been wiped away.  Unfortunately, another threat arose afterward in the form of roving bands of scavengers called Skinks.

Like I said, this is a whole different thing from the original series as far as the amount of humor and the characters’ personalities.  If I do happen to turn this into a series of its own, the series will be called Wasteland Earth.  I won’t know if it’ll be the first book of a series or a standalone book until I reach the end and see where the story takes me.  Regardless, the book I write after this one will be the 15th and last book of the Unseen Things series, Infestation.  After that, if I’ve decided to turn the other one into a companion series, I’ll start working on those.

It’s going to be an incredibly sad thing for me to end the Unseen Things series after I’ve put so much time and effort into it, but I think it’s time to do it.  That’s not to say I wouldn’t be open to writing a new series for those characters that takes place in the future, but right now all of my attention will be directed toward the new series after I get that 15th book done and published.

Anyway, that’s where things stand as of right now.  If there are any changes in my plans, I’ll certainly post about it.