Book 2 – The Hunt

Blog PostNow that they had the ability to travel the dimensions, they also had the opportunity to rescue Jarrod Grant’s family from the troll-like Faranox and the Agaronin slave  masters, but that wasn’t going to be an easy task.

Not only did they have no experience with fighting the Agaronin, but they had never  traveled outside of their own dimension before, and as such, Derek, Jarrod, Tina and  Sarah find themselves flying blind, and everything becomes a learning experience.   Mistakes are made and lessons are learned as they have to kill as many of the Agaronin  as they can in order to secure more of of the amulets that allow them to travel to the  various dimensions.

When they get confirmation from a rescued slave that Jarrod’s family are in fact alive,  a plan is set into motion to mount a full scale assault on the Faranox village where  they’re being held, not only to rescue them, but to rescue as many of the other slaves  as possible, so they can be returned to their own families and dimensions.

Note: The Hunt is the second book in the Unseen Things series.  You’ll need to read Unseen Things: Origins before you read this book, otherwise you won’t get a lot of the references to things that happened during the first book.

This digital download includes the Epub, Kindle (mobi) and PDF versions of the book.