Book 1 – Origins

Blog PostWhen Jarrod Grant was fourteen years old, a portal burst open in his room, and from it, a troll-like creature emerged. It grabbed his mother Alicia and his five year old brother Joseph and then vanished with them back into the portal from which it came, leaving Jarrod standing there terrified and alone.

Four years later, Jarrod is now a senior in high school. No one ever believed his story, and the therapists all said that he’d deluded himself into believing it because he couldn’t deal with whatever horrific events had caused the disappearance of his family. At school, he was treated like some kind of a freak and an outcast because of the stories he’d told the authorities.

That all changed when he met Tina and Sarah – two girls who believed his story and decided that they were going to make it their mission to help him find the answers he so desperately needed.

They’re joined along the way by a new friend named Derek, who has a tragic past of his own, and a woman named Patricia who knows things that only a very few others in the world could even dream of. Together they’ll discover the truth of what happened to Jarrod’s family on that fateful night, and it’s a secret that will send them down a path that some of them may not return from.

Origins is book one in the Unseen Things series. It’s an introduction to the characters, as well as the overall theme of the series itself.

Note: This purchase includes the Epub, Kindle (mobi) and PDF versions of the book.