Book 3 – Exploration

blog postAfter a successful raid on a Faranox village in which they rescued Jarrod’s family, as well as a large number of slaves from several other dimensions, Jarrod, Derek, Tina, Sarah and Patricia returned home for a well deserved rest.  Unfortunately, in their line of work, rest is never a permanent state of being, and soon enough they find themselves in the blue fin dimension forging a bond of friendship with its inhabitants, who at first glance seemed like a simple, friendly people living in a tribal society, but appearances can be deceiving and soon enough they learn that there’s a lot more to their new friends than meets the eye.

With major story and character developments, Exploration propels the Unseen Things series forward in new, exciting and sometimes tragic directions.  The characters find themselves dealing with a variety of issues including love, family, morality, life and death, as well as old foes that return to cause new problems.  It’s a wild ride filled with love, humor and adventure, and one that you won’t want to miss.

Note: Exploration is the third book in the Unseen Things series.  You’ll need to read the series in order, otherwise you won’t get a lot of the references to things that happened during the earlier books.

This digital download includes the Epub, Kindle (mobi) and PDF versions of the book.