Book 20 – Invasion

Blog PostBoredom is a horrible thing to suffer through when you’re immortal, but it seems to be the normal state of things whenever there’s down time between one crisis and the next.

In order to alleviate their boredom one afternoon, the others ask Jake and Lana to tell them the story of how they met, and what happened to them between the time when the Echnids first invaded the Earth, and when the pair finally settled down in the town of Cottonwood, Utah.

Also, the secret that Jarrod and the others have been keeping about their ability to alter reality becomes a bit more public when Sarah uses it to help Jake undo the single biggest regret of his life.

Invasion is book 20 of the Unseen Things series.

Note: This purchase includes the Epub, Kindle (mobi) and PDF versions of the book.