Book 17 – Travelers

Travelers Blog PostIt was the year 2231 when they started coming through the portals.  The Echnid soldiers devastated the Earth and eliminated nearly eighty percent of the population as they searched for resources they could steal and send back to their home dimension.

Jake and Lana managed to survive the initial assault and went out on the road together in a stolen (errr…salvaged) vehicle.  After what became known as the Day of Death however, where all of the Echnids on the planet suddenly turned inside out, they looted whatever Echnid weapons they could find and then traveled from town to town, doing less than reputable jobs and stealing or salvaging whatever they could in order to survive.

When they happen upon a no name town in what used to be the state of Utah however, they finally find themselves in a place where they can lay down some roots.  The question is, between the Echnid raiders, the roving gangs of humans known as Skinks, and one very angry pregnant girl from the next town over who’s hell bent on making Jake her husband, how deep will their roots be allowed to grow?

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