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Blog PostWhen the reaper drones showed up at the party to kill Diedre so they could reclaim her energy and take it back to Purgatory, she and Logan had go on the run, hopping from dimension to dimension in an effort to try to stay one step ahead of them while the folks back home work on a way to rectify the situation without leaving all of the energy forms on Purgatory stranded there for all eternity.  In their search for answers however, they make some discoveries that explain a lot of things, including why Diedre was so psychotic in her previous life.

Also, when Derek pays himself a visit from the future, he learns that their attempts at finding a solution to the Diedre situation appeared to have worked at first, but things ended really bad for them shortly thereafter.  Now they have to think outside the box to come up with a new and unique way of solving the problem that they wouldn't have otherwise considered if they're to have any chance at all of altering the timeline, so the people they care about don't end up dead.

Reapers is book 19 of the Unseen Things series.

Note: This purchase includes the Epub, Kindle (mobi) and PDF versions of the book.

Blog PostBoredom is a horrible thing to suffer through when you're immortal, but it seems to be the normal state of things whenever there's down time between one crisis and the next.

In order to alleviate their boredom one afternoon, the others ask Jake and Lana to tell them the story of how they met, and what happened to them between the time when the Echnids first invaded the Earth, and when the pair finally settled down in the town of Cottonwood, Utah.

Also, the secret that Jarrod and the others have been keeping about their ability to alter reality becomes a bit more public when Sarah uses it to help Jake undo the single biggest regret of his life.

Invasion is book 20 of the Unseen Things series.

Note: This purchase includes the Epub, Kindle (mobi) and PDF versions of the book.

Blog PostAfter walking out on yet another convenience store job, Cindy needed to find herself a new job as quickly as possible, otherwise she was going to end up broke and living on the street.  Her apartment manager informed her that his brother, a private investigator, was looking for an assistant, so he offered to make a call for her to see if he could arrange an interview.  With no other prospects, she jumped at the chance for not only quick employment, but also a new career that would get her out of the convenience store business once and for all.

As it turns out, being a private detective isn't as glamorous as they make it look on television.  It comes with certain indignities and moral issues that she'd never really considered before she applied for the position.  Not only that, but Frank, her boss, seems to delight in pissing her off.  The only thing he seems to enjoy more than pissing her off is complaining about how horrible her coffee is, yet for some reason that she can't quite seem to figure out, he goes out of his way to help her succeed in any way that he possibly can.  Then she's got his sister Kayla to deal with.  She's like a nightmare on wheels with no empathy and no filter whatsoever, so you never know what's going to come out of her mouth next.

The one thing Cindy's got going for her is that she's got a super high aptitude for the job, so all she needs to do in order to succeed is to learn how to control her temper, work hard, and most importantly...learn how to make a decent cup of coffee.  The first two are relatively simple, but the third...not so much.

blog-postWhen you have the literal power of gods, the ultimate accomplishment would be to use that power to create a living world out of a lifeless hunk of rock.  This was the idea behind the Genesis project.  There's just one catch.  They need to find a lifeless hunk of rock to use for the project before they can set their plans in motion.  When a stranger named Gerald shows up in the village however, the source of their god-like powers soon becomes all too clear.

Not trusting this amiable stranger in the slightest, Jarrod opens a time portal and travels far into the future.  When he returns a few seconds later however, he refuses to tell anyone where he went, or when for that matter.  Their concern for him grows even deeper when he starts suffering from debilitating headaches that only seem to get worse as time goes on.

Also, during the search for a suitable planet to use for the Genesis project, not one, but two old enemies are discovered and must be dealt with.

Sadly, all great things must come to an end.  Genesis is the final book of the Unseen Things series, and a fitting send off for the characters we've all grown to know and love.

Genesis is book 21 of the Unseen Things series.

Note: This purchase includes the Epub, Kindle (mobi) and PDF versions of the book.