About the Unseen Things Series

The Unseen Things series is a new adult, contemporary fantasy / sci-fi hybrid series.  While the first book of the series may read a bit young adult because of their age, the series as a whole is actually a new adult series that is not intended for readers under the age of 17.

Another note about the series is that these books are not stand alone stories.  It’s a series in the true sense of the word.  The books must be read in order because of the story and character developments that take place.  Each book leads into the next, so if you read them out of order you’ll likely get quite lost as to what’s going on.

I wrote this as a true series, because there’s a progression of development with the characters that I wanted to follow as they aged, learned new things and gained more experience.  They start out in the first book at eighteen years old, and by the eleventh book they’re around twenty-four years old, so there’s a definite time progression that takes place.

Yes the series contains profanity, non-explicit sex and violence.  That’s why it’s a new adult series.  It’s written for and intended to appeal to adults from college age on, and contains a variety of elements to appeal to adult sensibilities including things like love, romance, friendship, family, dealing with loss, personal growth and whole lot more.  There’s also a considerable amount of humor throughout the series.

On the fantasy and science fiction front, you get dimension travel, various species of intelligent beings, genetics and genetic engineering, advanced technology, the enslavement and abuse of various species, etc….

It’s a series that’s as much about the characters and their relationships with each other as it is about all of the other story elements that are taking place.  I’ve worked really hard to make the characters feel like real people that you can truly identify with and care about.  Hopefully, at least for some of you, they’ll feel like people you know, or people you’d like to know, and it’ll make the time you spend following their lives and adventures all the more pleasurable.