The Exploration (book 3) 2nd Edition has now been published!

Well it took long enough, didn’t it?  Between fighting depression and insomnia, and having a world full of other stuff piled on me all at once that I felt like I could never get out from under, the 2nd edition of Exploration is finally done, published, and available in paperback for the first time!  I have to edit another book for someone else before I can get started on the 2nd edition of Revenge, but I’ll try to get started on it as soon as possible.

Words added in 2nd edition: 26,000

Synopsis: With their mission to rescue Jarrod’s family now behind them, the group begins to focus on other things, like Jarrod’s birthday, learning more about their blue fin friends, and testing the boundaries of their relationships with one another.  However, before they do all that, they have a little unfinished business with Diedre, the girl responsible for Derek’s brother’s suicide.  After her attempt on Tina’s life and her psychotic behavior at the trial, she’s been secured in a hospital psych ward for evaluation and treatment.  Unfortunately for her, when the people who are looking for you possess the ability to travel between dimensions and go out of phase, there’s nowhere she can hide, and no one who can save her from the consequences of her actions.

Also, when their blue fin friend Freddie expresses a desire to visit the human dimension, the group is more than happy to take him home for a cultural exchange.  It started off well enough, but when Freddie shows an unbelievable capacity for learning and retaining new information, they begin to realize that they may have inadvertently opened a Pandora’s box by exposing him to the wonders of the human world.  Life on the island will no longer be enough for him, and they’re all left with some hard decisions to make about his future.